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          Andaman Nature Resort
is set on
Tonsai Beach, Krabi, Thailand. Here, it is a climber’s paradise and a photographer’s haven.  Unlike many crowded beaches, this is one beach where you can enjoy being close to nature and its serenity, one where you can stretch out on a hammock with a good book. The rock arena surrounding Tonsai is renowned as one of the most beautiful places to climb.

         Climbers come from all over the world to experience scenic climbs by the Andaman Sea and to conquer challenging climbing routes. Never climbed, but unable to resist the temptation of scaling the rocks in this beautiful setting? You can opt for climbing courses, which are easily available and highly demanded.

         You might also want to take a kayak out or go on a long-tail boat to explore the nearby islands and caves. Alternatively, you can also walk over to Railey Beach and Phra Nang Beach for an ‘on foot’ experience.

         Speedboat and ferry arrangments to other beautiful islands of Thailand, such as Koh Phi Phi and Koh Phangnan are also available from Tonsai Beach. Diving, snorkeling and slack- lining are other activities available here.

         Nightlife is plentiful. Fire show displays and live bands are nearly an every night affair. Music, party and booze will keep you up till dawn.

         At Andaman, you will meet friendly and down-to-earth locals and tourists alike- we have welcomed many customers back year after year. We call it our ‘Andaman Family’. And we welcome you to be part of it.